Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Servo Voltage Controlled Stabilizer Exporters to Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile

Servo controlled Voltage Stabilizers (SCIVS) are specifically designed to manage input fluctuations of various trends. The output voltage can be controlled to within +/- 1.0%-+/-0.5% of the desired output. For this precise control a solid state circuit with a permanent magnet motor, is utilized and proficient gear system.

'RE' manufacturer Servo controlled Industrial Voltage Stabilizer upto2000kVA in three phase and up to 300kVA in single phase.

The Servo controlled Industrial Voltage Stabilizer over the rating of 1000kVA can be designed for use in 11,000 KV or 415 V i.e. HT or LT


  • Available in HL/LT.
  • New innovated design for HT.
  • High Capacity available.
  • Economic to buy & use.


Transformer: Double wound buck & boost type continuously rated, impregnated in insulating varnish is used for output voltage control. The transformer is made of (CRGO) silicon Steel Lamination & Electrolytic copper wire is used for winding Voltage

Control: A motorized sleeplessly controlled auto transformer is used for controlling the output voltage.

Electronic Circuit: Control Circuit with I.C. is provided to continuously monitor the output voltage.

Input Voltage Ranges:
Single Phase : 130-285 any range in between
Three Phase : 225-440, 300-44-, 340-440 or as per requirement

Output voltage : 220-240 V + 1% or 0.5 % (Single Phase)380-415 V + 1% or 0.5 % (Three Phase)

Control :

  • Potentiometer for output voltage setting.
  • Switch for manual and auto use.
  • Push button to increase or decrease voltage manually in case of manual position.

Metering : A Voltmeter is provided to indicate the output voltage.

Protection :
The design of the unit is such that it can withstand 20 percent overloading for short durations without any damage. Each unit consists of minimum-maximum range indicator, motor movement control micro switch at the end of the range and oil imlet & outlet valve, oil level indicators, lifting arrangement, for whole unit and transformer only, cooling radiator as per the capacity requirement.

Optional :
Amper meters, on-off switch's fuse, change over switch, under-over voltage protection & indication, with or without tripping, arrangement, single phase protection, with or without contactor.

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