Friday, July 22, 2011

AC High Voltage Testers/Test Sets Manufacturers Suppliers Morocco, Algeria

'RE' High Voltage Low Capacity Testers are specially designed for testing electrical, industrial appliances/Installations as per IS. Specifications. 'RE' High Voltage testers have been designed & developed in house. During manufacturing each unit is tested at multi stages, thus ensuring consistent & best quality.

These instruments are air-cooled, oil-cooled or air & oil cooled combined as per requirement. Beside common HV Test Kit, we manufacture PD free cascaded with indicator to reduce the input testing current

  • Supplied unto 15 KV at 50mA
  • Complete In-House Design
  • Computer interface facility & test data monitoring
  • HT Transformer in single housing for 15 minutes on/off duty.
  • Guaranteed for a year of operation from the date of commissioning.

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