Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Winding Resistance Meter Manufacturers Exporters to South Africa, Zimbabwe


The ‘RE’ High Current Resistance Meter delivers high performance where it counts. With unmatched speed, range and accuracy it is the best solution for low resistance measurements on transformers, motors, breakers, switchgear, etc. Virtually all sizes of transformer can be measured – from small pole top units to the largest transmission units with Y or D configuration. Extensive firmware provides fully automatic operation and a vast array of additional support functions. This new design responds to the needs of utilities and transformer manufacturers for a lightweight, portable unit with high accuracy and ease of operation. Its powerful 1 kW/2.5 kW DC power supply and the processor controlled circuitry are more than adequate to handle even the most demanding measuring application. 


  • Capable of winding resistance measurement of virtually any size and type of transformer, single or three phase, delta (W) or star (Y) configuration. 
  • Rapid discharge circuit greatly improves measurement procedure. 
  • High precision – typical 0.5%. 
  • Compact and rugged for field or factory use. 
  • Fully automatic operation. 
  • Three measurement channels plus RTD channel. 
  • Memory for storage of 99 measurement results and 2 measurement setups. 
  • Data transfer possible without additional software.

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