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High Voltage Spark Testers Manufacturers Exporters Delhi / Exporting to Africa, Europe, Middle East

High Voltage Spark Testers are designed for checking the quality of PVC coated wires during manufacturing at shop floor. The PVC wire is passed through brass ball chains which carry high voltage. If any pin hole comes in PVC, a spark develops and electro magnetic counter counts the fault. The spark tester is necessary for every cable manufacturing unit.

The equipment uses a high frequency oscillator circuit for rising frequency to search the fault at low leakage current and signifies that as a fault, he fault is displayed to the operator by means of a visual indicator and audible. The equipment can test a variety of cable at various voltages for which KV setting & sensitivity setting is provided.

The different Spark Testers manufactured are of
  • Power Frequency (50Hz)
  • High Frequency (500 Hz/3000Hz-5000Hz)

The Power Frequency Spark Tester is a Conventional Spark tester, being used by wire and cable manufacturers, since the start of cable manufacturing. These spark testers hold the efficiency gradient of approximately 85%. They leave a burn mark on the cable/wire at the point of fault, which makes it easier to locate and isolate / mend the fault.
  • Suitable up to 200 Meter per minute
  • Easy to operate

The High Frequency Spark Tester is used for High speed precision jobs where the requirement is of seizing the maximum number of faults. These Spark Testers can be used for high speed extruders and high speed Recoiling processes. The efficiency of a high Frequency Spark Tester is upto 95%-98%. This efficiency is much better than conventional spark tester.

  • High Speed operation upto (1000 m/min).
  • Much smaller and higher unit.
  • Computer Interface facility available.
  • Efficiency of operation upto 95%.
  • Suitable for extruder and recoiling.
  • Short Circuit Protected
Technical Specs:

TRANSFORMER : A double wound step up transformer is the most important part of the spark tester. The transformer is so designed that the input current remains within set limit in order to protect the transformer against short circuit. The transformer is made of CRGO core, wound with very high quality super enameled copper wire and polyester film/paper is used for insulation. VOLTAGE 

CONTROL : A step-less auto-transformer is used for controlling the output form zero to maximum. The auto transformer has built in arrangement for zero start interlocking. INPUT 

VOLTAGE : 230 Volts single phase 50Hz. AC Supply
METERING : Voltmeter is provided in L.T. side, to indicate HV Output.
ELECTRODE : Brass ball chain electrode is having a number of balls to ensure 100% contact with the coated wire which passes through the electrodes.
CONTROL : Knob to control the AC output from zero to maximum.
PROTECTION : ON-OFF switch with fuse provided to protect the unit in case of short circuit.  HV will not actuate unless variance is at zero position.
The HV trips off automatically if anybody tries to reach ball chain.
FAULT INDICATORS : Audio Alarm is provided to indicate fault which passes through ball chain.
FAULT COUNTER : An electro-magnetic counter is provided to count the faults with resetting knob.

ELECTRODE BOX : Length-450mm or 600mm or 900mm
Height Adjustable anywhere from 600-1000mm from ground level
OPTIONAL : Guide Rollers with strong frame.
Tripping circuit to cut off the HT supply in case of faulty cable/bare conductor passing through electrode. 
Sensitivity control
Sensitivity checking device.
Stainless steel Electrode Box

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