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AC High Voltage Test Sets - Breakdown Type - Manufacturers Exporters Delhi India

'RE' High Voltage Breakdown Testers are specially designed for testing electrical appliances as per I.S. Specifications. 'RE' High Voltage Breakdown Testers have been designed by us on the basis of long experience. During manufacturing each unit is tested at various stages, thus ensuring consistent & best quality. These instruments are air cooled or oil cooled or air and oil cooled combined as per requirements.


  • Compact in Size.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Built-in safety arrangement for operator.
  • Special Insulating Paper is used for transformer winding.
  • Guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects.


TRANSFORMER : A double wound step up transformer is the most important part of the instrument. The Transformer is wound with high quality enameled copper wire. Polyester film / Craft paper is provided in between the layers.
VOLTAGE CONTROL : A step-less auto- transformer is used for controlling the output from zero to maximum.
METERING : Voltmeter is connected on LV side to indicate HV output.
INPUT VOLTAGE : 230 / 415 Voltage AC 50Hz Single Phase
METERING : Voltmeter is provided in L.T. side ,to indicate HV output.
DUTY : For testing - on time 1 or 5 or 15 minutes (to be specified)
TERMINATION : One end at earth potential and other at HV insulator.
PROTECTION : (a) A fast acting DC relay actuates to isolate high voltage in case of fault.
(b) The unit has interlocking arrangement so that HV will not actuate unless variac is at zero position.
FAULT INDICATORS : Lamp will glow whenever fault occurs in the object which is under test (audio alarms can be provided if asked for)
ADDED FEATURES : (a) The Voltmeter will help indicating the voltage at which the object under test has failed.
(b) The control panel in all the models is naturally air cooled. H.V. Transformer is air /oil cooled depending upon capacity.

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