Monday, March 28, 2011

Transformer Test Bench Exporters to UK, Germany, France, Italy

‘RE’ Electrical Test Bench for Testing Motors, transformers and electrical Equipment etc. The Test Panel shall be suitable for 3 phase input supply having 63 Amp MCB for each phase independently. Phase ON Indicator, Voltmeter with selector switch to indicate the voltage of each phase. Amperemeter with Multirange CT of 5/5, 5/15, 5/30 aand 5/60 A of class 0.5 accuracy for each phase, 3 Phase wattmeter of suitable range.


In addition following will be provided in the panel:
a)The Panel shall also consists of High current source having capacity 0-1000 amps. at 3 KVA. The Source shall be suitable for working on 230 V single phase 50 Hz. AC supply and complete with Output Bus-Bars and Input ON indicator etc. The Source shall have own Variable Transformer and shall be energise from one of the three phase supply.

b)AC HV Breaddown Tester shall be provided having capacity 0-5 KV at 100 mA and tripping at 5/25/50 and 100 mA. The unit shall be complete with test lead, input and output ON indicator.

c)0-24Volts at 10 Amps or 0-48 Volts at 5 Amps supply shall be provided brought out on Banana Terminals for testing DC Relay and other DC system etc. The unit shall be complete with ‘ON-OFF’ switch, input ‘ON’ indicator 72 output Voltmeter and Amperemeter.

d)A DC continuity tester shall also be provided with Indicator and ‘ON-OFF’switch.

e)Separate phantom loading arrangement shall be provided

f)Phase shifting arrangement shall be separately

g)All measuring instrument shall be of digital type.

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