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Variable Auto Transformers Suppliers Kerala, Tamil Nadu, South India

Wherever voltage control is required, ‘RE’ Variacs makes it very simple by providing Toroidally wound Auto Transformer for variable voltage. If you have not yet used ‘RE’ Variacs you are missing some important benefits of using electric power. The maximum current that can be drawn depends on the size of the wire used. The ‘RE’ Voltage regulators are manufactured from 2 A to 2000 A for Single and Three Phase.

Special Features

  • Compact in Size.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Special Insulating Paper is used for transformer winding.
  • Guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects.
  • Efficient After Sales Service.

Technical Specifications

‘RE’ Variac Continuously Variable Auto Transformers usually form part of system in which other components such as transformers. Diode etc. are used as power components, ‘RE’ Variac Engineers are well experienced in such applications and are always available for consultation to prospective users.

The proportion between iron section and copper turns is such that at the maximum AC applied voltage maximum NO LOAD current is within 5%.

The insulation of the wire over one face is removed the output is taken between one end and the brush arm. The moving Brush contacts the next turn before it breaks away from the previous turn, thus, there is no interruption in output voltage.

‘RE’ Variac is designed to Boost the Output, Voltage by 12% than the input voltage.

Three Single phase units are connected in star for 3 phase four wire system. The brush arms are moved by a common shaft and the Star point is connected to the neutral of the system. A three phase voltage variable from zero to 470V is obtained, if the Input voltage is 415V in case of single phase 270V is obtained if input is 240V. Custom made capacities can be manufactured and as yet the manufacturing range covers upto 2000 Amperes in three phase.

OPTIONAL: ‘RE’ Variacs are available with motor drive. The type of motor used for driving is specially made for this application. It is 240V AC motor operating with speed of 60 RPM synchronous at 50Hz. It is instantly reversible and can be stopped without overrun. It speed depends on frequency i.e. 60 RPM at 50 Hz. Supply. The desired speed is obtained by suitable by gearing. It starts stops & reverses instantly. It is ideal for automatic voltage control through Electronic system. *It can be stalled indefinitely without over heating.

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