Monday, March 28, 2011

Voltage Dips and Interruption Test Set Exporters to South Africa, Zimbabwe

The input supply is expected to change time to time. So the voltage dip and interruption test set is subjected on energy meter. The equipment consist of pre-set timer to supply voltage 100% or more or less as per requirement of the test for duration required by the test. The supply is also cut off and re-stored again at a pre-set timing as per the test requirement.

  • All the three test in one test set-up
  • Highly reliable electronic control circuit.
  • Variable reference voltage for different ranges of Energy Meters.
  • Set reference voltage induction on digital voltmeter for each phase
  • Suitable for single phase and three phase energy meters.
  • Compact Design.


Input voltage: 415 V AC, 3 phase 50 Hz

All the three tests can be carried out as per clause 12.7, 2.1 of IS:13779.

  • Voltage interruptions of Vref = 100% (1s, 3 Nos)
  • Voltage interruptions of Vref = 100% (20 ms, 3 Nos)
  • Voltage dips of Vref = 50% (1Min,1 No.)

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